Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellows: A Bridge to History

The Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellows Program is a three week study trip for students who are matriculated in graduate programs or are completing undergraduate degrees in 2014 in Holocaust studies and related fields.

The program will be begin on June 29 and end on July 22.

The Fellowship will offer up to four Faculty Fellowships in 2014. These Fellowships will be for faculty who teach the Holocaust in any discipline but have not made its history their primary area of study.

Students of all faiths and ethnicities with an interest in Holocaust studies, Jewish Studies, Polish-Jewish history, memory, or human rights are strongly encouraged to apply. The program covers all costs, including international travel, lodging, room and board, and materials.

The AJC Fellows Program provides a unique educational opportunity to learn about the Holocaust in situ in the context of Poland’s history and Jewish heritage. It is the goal of the Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellows Program that Fellows gain not only knowledge of the Holocaust sites they visit, but also an understanding of the legacy of the Holocaust in Poland, its effects on collective memory, and complexities surrounding such categories as victim, bystander, and perpetrator.

After a brief orientation in New York City, the Fellows travel in Poland for three weeks, during which time they visit Kraków, Warsaw, Łódź, Treblinka, and Oświęcim (Auschwitz). The Fellows travel to small towns in the regions surrounding Warsaw and Kraków, as well as through south-eastern Poland and north-eastern Slovakia, to explore the area’s rich Jewish heritage and meet with local leaders to learn about pre-war Jewish life, life under the Nazi occupation and Communism, and the state of Jewish communities and memory in Poland today.

In Oświęcim, the Fellows attend an intensive program at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum where they tour the camps, study the history of Jewish, Roma, and Polish inmates, and take part in workshops with Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum staff on the collections and education departments.

While in Oświęcim, the Fellows have the opportunity to meet European students and observe educational workshops at the Auschwitz Jewish Center.   Upon returning home, each Fellow will complete an article for the Auschwitz Jewish Center E- Newsletter and an essay reflecting on his or her experience.

Please contact Shiri B. Sandler at with any questions.

Faculty Fellows

The the Fellowship will offer Faculty Fellowships in 2014. These Fellowships will be for faculty who teach the Holocaust in any discipline but have not made its history their primary area of study. The Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellows Program – Faculty Fellowship is open to professors of all faiths. The Program is observant of the Jewish Sabbath (shomer Shabbat).

The cost of the program is $4,800 per person, which includes all hotel rooms in single accommodations, meals in New York, materials, international airfare, internal travel in Poland, and entrance fees. The majority of meals in Poland are not included in the syllabus and are not provided.  Past Faculty Fellows have funded their participation through university and department grants and travel funding. If you’d like to speak with previous Faculty Fellows, please let Shiri B. Sandler know at

The application period for the Faculty Fellows has passed. The application for 2015 will be available in September 2014.

This program is supported by The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

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