Jewish Museum

The home of the Kornreich family of Oświęcim serves today as a museum commemorating and educating about the lives of Jewish residents of Oświęcim.

Visitors to the Center have the opportunity to connect with Oświęcim’s pre-war Jewish life through the exhibition Oshpitzin, which tells this powerful story through photographs, artifacts and survivor testimony.

In the exhibition, photographs of individuals and families, documents and artifacts from local Jewish organizations and businesses, and the Judaica excavated in 2004 from beneath the site of the Oświęcim Great Synagogue bring to life the vital Jewish town that Oświęcim once was.

Please explore our online projects:

  • Oshpitzin featuring a virtual map and guidebook to prewar Jewish Oświęcim.
  • New Life presenting personal stories of the Holocaust survivors from Oświęcim, who live in Israel today.

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Oshpitzin. A Guide to the Jewish Museum and Jewish History of Oświęcim